An Example of God's Love


Love is a matter of the heart and a matter of the mind.  Love is going the extra mile to do something nice for someone.

Love is doing something pleasant for someone and not telling a single soul.
Love is constant. Love is continual.  Love is consistent.  Love is never ending.  Love is bright.  Love is kind. 
Love is forgiving. 
Love is a gift from the heart.  A pure heart.  Love is an ever sweet fragrance.  A sweet smelling smell.
Love is a desire to do whatever it takes to bring joy into other peoples lives.  And that is what I want every
single person to do. 




I ask you child, "Will you forgive them?"  Have I not forgiven you.  When you said things you didn't want to say.
When you laughed at someone.  When you corrected someone who didn't need correcting.  When you cried
with someone whom you hurt.

I love you child, and it's not always easy to forgive, but I am with you.  I'll take you step by step until you reach
that place where you're not screaming inside Why me, How could they, If Only.

I will bring you to a place of serenity, of contentment, of joy.  All you have to do is say, Help me Lord.  I don't
know how to Lord, but you do Lord.  I don't know what to do, but I am willing to forgive.  Show me what to do. 
I choose to forgive.

That is when I can come into your life and bathe you with peace.  That is when I can lead you into the bubbling
brooks of forgiveness.  I can guide you thru the mountains and valleys of life and lift you up to the highest peak
of thanksgiving.

I love you child, and all you have to say is I am willing, and then I, the Lord, will bring you into the Kingdom of



What is peace you say; peace is a spring of living water flowing from the top of your
head thru your body to the bottom of your toes.

True peace is when everything around you is chaotic and upside down, but inside you
is a gentle, calm delight.

I want to give you peace, my child.  I want you to experience that calmness, that
stillness, every moment of your life.  I want you to dwell in that serenity daily,
knowing that I, the Lord, am in control.

I want you to bathe in the sunlight and dance in the raindrops.  I want you to throw
every care to the wind my child, and let it blow far far away.

Dwell in me always, and I will shower you with the peace that passes all understanding.



All Glory belongs to me thus says the Lord.

The victory is mine.  You may lose or gain a little bit of ground in each battle, but remember this, the victory of the war is mine.

I will get all the credit.  Absolutely all of it.  No one will be able to say that they caused it, because it will be too
impossible for ay human to have done.

None of my glory will be shared.  All the glory will go to me, your loving, faithful God.

People will see that I never forsake my children.  They will be in awe of the victory.

Yes, all the glory is mine.




My child,  Trust Me.  I know where you are going, and I know where you have been.  I love you child.

Life is like a carousel; it goes around and around if you choose.  But when you stop and get off, that is when I am here.

Trust me child.  I will pay that car payment, the house payment, the doctor bills.  When have I failed you before?

I will walk with you through that troubled marriage, your work situation, and your finances.  When haven't I child?

You say, but Lord I remember a time when I needed you, and you weren't there.  Yes, I was always there ready
to help, but you chose to do it on your own, without me.

Remember this child.  Put your trust in me first, and I will never fail you nor forsake you.  I will be with you always

and forever and thru eternity.



What is grace you say.  Grace my child, is when you glide through life like a swan does.  With gentle ease.

Grace is flowing daily--directly from heaven.  It's an invisible beam that comes directly from your Father, God.

We walk in grace daily discovering that the burdens aren't ours, but God's.

Grace is when you have made a mistake, and someone says don't worry about it.  It's okay.

It's when you still get blessed, promoted or praised even when you don't deserve it, or no one understands
why you.

God's grace is bountiful, never ending, incomprehensible, delightful, and everlasting.

Aren't you glad God's grace blankets you.



What is sharing, you say.  Sharing my child, is when you open your heart and give a part of you to someone else.

It's opening up and telling your thoughts, your secrets, your feelings, your likes, or your dislikes with someone else.
Sharing is when there's one piece of chocolate cake left for dessert and you don't race to the refrigerator to see who
can get there first.  You slice it in two and each enjoy a taste.  It's when there's one seat left and you move over and
say, "there's room for both of us.  Come, have a seat."

When you give from your heart, my child, Oh, how it pleases me.  I look down from heaven knowing that when you
are giving to your brothers that you are actually giving to me.



The time is short.  Go now.  Go get my people.  Tell them about me.  I love them.  I am here for them.

I sent my only son Jesus Christ to die on a cross for them.  That is how much I love them.

Go, Hurry!  There's still some time.  Ask them to accept Jesus Christ in their heart.  Right this second.
There's no time to waste.

I have been waiting for them for a long long time.  The struggle is over.  Surrender.

I am standing here with open arms of joy.  What are you waiting for?



I am majesty of this universe.  I am the highest official you will ever meet.  I require the highest honor and praise.
My reign is divine and righteous.

I execute the highest decrees of love and fairness.  My judgments are sound and wise.

I own all the wealth in this world.  Nothing is withheld from me.  I use my wealth for good.  To help others, to
feed the poor, and to have people grow spiritually and in faith.

No enemies come against me because I already have the victory to every war.

Yes, I am the majesty of this kingdom.  A kingdom unlike any you will ever find.

       God (The Father),
       His Son (Jesus Christ), 
       And The Holy Spirit